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Av. Roberto Pastoriza #412, Torre Altri-Tempi 4to nivel, Piantini, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana


Telf.: + 1 (809) 793-1198

Cel.: + 1 (809) 697-5828



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Lucy García Gallery does not accept unsolicited artist applications.

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Lucy García Gallery, is an art space founded in 2014 by its director and owner Lucy García, who has been in the art field for more than 30 years.

Her gallery has as its main axis to break with the stereotyped vision of tradicional spaces in the Dominican art scene.

It’s a place where art is revalued as a vital necessity rather than an object of consumption. In each exhibition there’s the intention of create proposals of a critical, audacious and sophisticated art, where you bet on what emerges and in what deepens in the established art, both in its reflection and in the exhibition dialogue, proposing the visual narratives that marks a deep interest in its critical discourse.


This Gallery is located in the heart of the city of Santo Domingo.

It is one of the most recognised and representative space of the local art scene, in which the connection with the outside world is lost, establishing a link with the artists in their discursive approach. As a result, an art that surpasses the aesthetic.

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