Priscilla Monge, a costa rican artist with a career of more than 20 years, uses techniques such as sculpture, installation, performance and photography in order to question the hierarchy and power relations of our societies. Her works allow the opposites to live in an uncomfortable way next to each other, while she explores the notions of love and aggression, usually playing with the language during the process. It has been the strong discourse that breaks down her work, as well as the presence of it in important museums and collections, such as the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, as well as the numerous biennials in which she has participated as the one in Venice, which has led to being one of the artists with greater influence in contemporary Latin American art.


The artist has always been very interested in photography, being a technique that captures a moment but also because of the facility to lie that it has. Everything that appears in a photograph immediately acquires this character of document or of a real moment. This series of mugs is titled: "El artista nos revela verdades místicas", is inspired by the title of Bruce Nauman's work, "El verdadero artista ayuda al mundo revelando verdades místicas" These photographs are montages of still lifes  that have been a motif used in the history of art. Each of the photographs has a text that becomes a maxim when exposed to the tension between life and death. It plays a little with that perception of the artist as a person who knows more than everyone and is beyond her time. Like she can predict the future. That's why the coffee mugs that present these texts like when you read the coffee cup.





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